Registration for the FRE2023 is now open!

Register your team for FRE 2023 by filling out the application form (1st page) in the following document and send it to fre2023@um.si: https://fieldrobot.nl/event/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/FRE2023-APP_FORM-ADDITIONAL_INFO.pdf The registration is possible until the 15th of May 2023.


CLAAS Stiftung

The CLAAS Stiftung is providing support for new teams / robots that will compete at the Field Robot Event. For further information, please visit the following link: https://www.claas-stiftung.com/students/field-robot-event/application

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FRE 2023 – TASKS

The FRE 2023 task description is available for download (here <- click on the news or find it in the downloads section).


Field Robot Event 2023 in Slovenia!

From 12th to 15th of June 2023! We are happy to announce that the 20th Field Robot Event will be organised by the University of Maribor, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences and will take place in Hoče, Slovenia. We hope that again many international teams will join us! More information will be published soon.


Overall field winner: FREDT!

This year, for the first time, the result of the freestyle task was included in the overall ranking of the field tasks. Team FREDT was very successful with their robot Helios evo. They won the overall field prize. The second prize went to Carbonite and ATH Rover came in third. Overall results field tasks


Overall simulation winner: FloriBot!

In this first hybrid version of the international Field Robot event, team FloriBot was very successful. They won the overall prize for simulation. The second prize went Carbonite and Kamaro came in third. Overall results simulation tasks


Helios evo wins Freestyle task

In the Freestyle task all teams decided to present there idea in the field. Team FREDT with there robot Helios evo won, Acorn became second and ATH Rover third. Results freestyle task


Carbonite wins Field Sensing & Mapping task

In the field this year’s Sensing & Mapping task had an additional task requiring robots to remove 5 cans and place them outside the crop on the headland. Carbonite won because it managed to deliver all cans to the headland, Bullseye became second with 4 cans and CERES II third. Results of the Sensing and […]


FloriBot wins Simulation Sensing & Mapping task

In the sensing and mapping task, the robots scout for five weeds and five cans in the field. It was one of the most difficult tasks in the 2022 competition. Only 3 teams managed to earn points. Winner FloriBot detected six out of ten. Kamaro became second and CERES II third. Results Sensing & Mapping in simulation


CERES II wins Field Navigation task

In the Field Navigation task, CERES II managed to hit no plants and drove 50 meters in the field within the limited time of 3 minutes. HELIOS evo won the second prize. FloriBot finished in third place. Results Field Navigation


Carbonite wins Simulation Navigation task

The winner of the Navigation task in simulation of the international Field Robot event is Carbonite. They managed to drive 142 meters in a virtual field in 3 minutes, with damaging 13 plants. The second place went to CERES II, and Kamaro came in third. Results Navigation task.


Event to be streamed live on DLG’s digital platform

The Field Robot Event is a partner of the DLG Feldtage event. The DLG is streaming this event live on its digital platform. Information on how to participate:• Attending this virtual event is free of charge and requires a simple registration on DLG’s digital platform.• The link to the registration is available here.

Image of an artificial dandelion plant with 5 flower heads

Rules updated!

Have a look at the tasks, the rules have been updated! They are also available as a pdf in the download section.


Let’s meet again

For all teams that want to participate in the 2022 event, we organise regularly Zoom meetings. Next: June 8th from 16:00-17:00. We will talk about the organisation, tasks, simulation environment and have a Q&A. The Zoom meeting link will be sent to the Field Robot Event mailing list subscribers.


Rules for robot models in simulation are published

We have published new rules for your own robot model used in simulation. Have a look in 0. Hybrid event under Contest