Task 5: Freestyle

Teams are invited to let their real robot perform freestyle on the event venue. The explanation as well as the performance must be shown to the jury and the spectators. The team must explain the idea and the machine. Comments during the robot’s performance are also welcome. Creativity and fun are required for this task as well as an application-oriented performance. The freestyle task should be related to an agricultural application. Teams will have a time limit of five minutes for the presentation including the robot’s performance.

Points distribution
The jury will assess by points P the

  • P1 : agronomic idea (originality)
  • P2 : technical complexity
  • P3 : robot performance

Points P will be given from 0 (insufficient) to 10 (excellent) for each criterion (P1, P2 and P3).
The total points will be calculated using the following formula:
final points = P1 + P2 + P3

End results

The teams will collect their points by combining the results of first 4 tasks. For each of the
tasks the team can get up to 25% of the points for the overall assessment and the percentage
for each of the task will calculated based on the point they won divided by points won by the
winning team of that task. To avoid possible negative points, all points will be subtracted by
the lowest points achieved in that task. So, the final scores will be calculated as follows:

where x is the number of the team, points(n,x) represent the points for team x in task n, and
task(n) and a vector of all the points for that specific task (n).