Tasks to prepare

In the meanwhile we finalised the proceedings from 2021. For those of you who want to get started with the preparation for 2022, please have a look at the team paper and descriptions in the proceedings how they started and were more or less successful with their chosen strategies. The proceedings are a good preparation because in 2022 there will be similar challenges like described in task 1, task 3 and of course task 5 from 2021. More details will be soon on this website.

Field Robot Event 2022

We are happy to inform you that we will conduct a Field Robot Event in 2022. Although the pandemic situation continues we do not want to give up. After some discussions we want to offer a hybrid version of the event: a mix of a virtual and field contest! We also will return to the DLG Field Days and prepare everything to be controlled from and on the DLG site. Therefore, robot teams are invited to participate without travelling (virtual event) or come physically as usual together with your own robot (field event). More details will be available soon. Save the date: 14th to 16th of June 2022 in Kirschgartshausen/Mannheim, Germany.

Due to the unpredictable pandemic situation there will be perhaps special rules coming up or even a cancellation. Therefore, please don’t blame us for any inconveniences.

Kamaro reveals winning code!

One of the goals of the field robot event is to learn from each other. We are therefore very happy with Kamaro’s initiative to make some of their software public. We expect this to boost our community and encourage collaboration and exchange between teams. It also helps aspiring participants to get started.

Kamaro has published their winning code for crop row navigation and their code for object detection using deep learning.

Which team is next?