We will conduct a virtual Field Robot Event in 2021!

In order to prepare, if you have only little experience in GAZEBO/ROS, we recommend to follow the link on the “Virtual environment” page.

This will be also the place where we will publish more details about the event soon!

We still suggest a rough preliminary task description like: Basic (1) and advanced navigation (2), an agricultural application (sensing (3) and manipulation (4)) and the freestyle (5).

And remember, in the freestyle – not compulsory – we suggest to show using a live video your real existing machine at home conducting an agricultural task of your choice.

The online contest will be at the same time as the DLG Feldtage from 8th to 10th June 2021. We want to continue our collaboration with the DLG. There will be much likely an online transmission during this time also via the Feldtage digital platform.

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